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What is Prickly Pear Oil ?

Prickly pear oil, opuntia ficus indica or opuntia ficus indica seed oil, is a vegetable oil obtained from the seeds of the fruit of the prickly pear. It is extremely rich in vitamin E and K which allows it to protect the skin from aggressions and encourage cell renewal. The level of vitamin E that prickly pear oil contains is the highest among all cosmetic oils. In fact, it contains more of it than pure argan oil. On the other hand, prickly pear oil is very high in unsaturated fatty acids Omega 6, Omega 9,  as well as amino acids and antioxidants which help the oil to be easily absorbed by the skin without making it greasy. This makes the skin more nourished and softer while tightening its pores.

Where does prickly pear come from ?

The prickly pear grows in many countries of the world, in America, in the Mediterranean basin and in Africa. Moroccan Prickly pear can be found in the regions of Ait Bamrane and Rhamna. These two regions provide nearly all the Moroccan organic prickly pear oil.

To obtain one liter of prickly pear oil by cold pressing, you need thirty kilos of seeds, or nearly a ton of fruit. Each seed contains approximately 5% pure oil. Prickly pear seed oil is therefore a rare commodity and this mainly explains why it price is expensive.

Organic prickly pear oil

The Benefits of Prickly Pear Oil For Hair

Prickly pear oil is perfect for both oily and dry hair. It nourishes and hydrates them by acting effectively on the roots and on the tips. It therefore has the power to give volume to fine hair. In addition, prickly pear oil has just the right amount of fatty acids and protein for hair to regain unmistakable shine. That’s why it’s said to be the favorite ally when it comes to making hair shine. And with its high content of vitamin E, it allows to treat the hair in depth without ever making it too greasy or too dry. In addition, prickly pear oil, as a supplement to a healthy and balanced diet, can help strengthen hair, prevent and slow hair loss. It also helps to activate the regrowth of the hair follicle.

How to use prickly pear oil on hair ?

This oil can be used on its own or mixed with other oils. As it is very valuable, you must use it efficiently and avoid waste. Apply about ten drops to the lengths and ends then let penetrate for about 30 minutes before shampooing. To keep its nourishing properties for a long time, store it well in a dark place in a cool place. If stored well, it can be used for two years.

DIY Recipe : if your hair tends to fall out, be aware that prickly pear oil can be used for anti-hair loss treatment. To do this, you need to mix it with garlic and apply it to your hair for about half an hour. Then rinse it off with plenty of water. Not only does this product treat hair loss, it also intensifies hair growth.

prickly pear oil benefits for hair

Prickly Pear Oil Benefits For Face

Prickly pear oil is particularly recommended for the care of mature skin. Thanks to its strong antioxidant power, it reduces the effects of aging and acts as a barrier against premature aging of the epidermis. In daily care, prickly pear oil will restore firmness and elasticity. It can therefore be applied to wrinkles or as an eye contour treatment against dark circles. Thanks to its light, low-fat texture, it penetrates the skin very quickly.

Does prickly pear oil clog pores?  

Organic prickly pear oil properties make the skin more nourished and softer while tightening its pores. These properties explain why the comedogenic index rating of prickly pear oil is 0, making it a non-comedogenic oil.

How to use prickly pear oil on face ?

For more effectiveness, it is better to apply it in the evening before sleeping. The cell renewal process is activated during the night. It is enough to apply a few drops on the face then to massage delicately in circular motions until complete penetration of the product. Furthermore, thanks to its restorative properties, it is very effective in reducing scars. It can, for example, be used to reduce traces of acne pimples

What is the best Prickly Pear Oil ?

This is a common question for which there is no straightforward answer. However, here a few tips to narrow your options and buy the best prickly pear oil:

  • Select a seller you trust. Since Prickly pear oil is very expensive, many are tempted to replace it or mix it with more common natural oils. Trust is Key!
  • Read the product labels: better choose organic cold-pressed prickly pear oil. Carefully read the labels to ensure you select a product with 100% Prickly pear Oil or 100% opuntia ficus indica seed oil
  • Pay attention to the price: Prickly Pear Oil is rare and expensive. Expect about 60$ for a 30ml bottle. Keep in min that the average oil contained in a pear seed is only 5% and that 1 tonne of prickly pear is needed to get a liter of Pirckly Pear Oil.

At Alixir, we guarantee that our Prickly Pear Oil is locally produced, 100% natural & certified USDA Organic.

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