In recent years, several studies have highlighted the harmful nature of certain chemical additives used in personal care products and cosmetics. Some chemicals are carcinogenic while others have a harmful effect on the nervous system or the reproductive system. This awareness has led us to once again ask fundamental questions about wellbeing and beauty. Is it normal to have multiple additive products in each skincare product? Do we have to harm our body to take care of it? Are there any healthier alternatives?
And that's where it all started! We, Khadija & Jaouad decided to create their own skincare brand Alixir!
We are committed to promoting Morocco's rich heritage (and often unrecognized)  in terms of beauty, skincare and well-being. Alixir offers a wide range of natural skincare products anchored in the centuries-old culture of Morocco. 
As a skincare brand, our role is to share and make known the beauty secrets used by Moroccan women for centuries. Our promise is to deliver the secrets of natural beauty and eternal wellbeing to you through natural, authentic and ethical skincare products.

We believe that all women deserve to take care of themselves with natural products that bring wellbeing to their body and mind. And when we say all women, we mean it! We deliver to more than 120 countries in 5 continents and we do our best to improve every day. All our customers around the world deserve the same attention and we ensure this on an ongoing basis.

Our adventure is based in Morocco and all our products are sourced locally. Our argan oil and prickly pear oil, which are the basis of nearly all our ranges, are certified USDA Organic. 
Our philosophy is to offer you authentic, natural, ethical, vegan friendly and paraben-free products for skincare & wellbeing routines in line with your deepest aspirations and values.