At Alixir, we understand the importance for our customers to take care of their body and to feel good. We are particularly attentive to your expectations regarding authentic, toxin free and vegan friendly personal care products.
Every day, we invest a lot of our energy into translating our vision of personal care products in a coherent way. This effort is reflected in our constant commitment, which revolves around 5 main axes:
  1. Locally Sourced: The Alixir adventure was founded by two Moroccans in Morocco as close as possible to the territories which offer an exceptional natural heritage. Our knowledge of the wealth of the territories of the Souss and Rhamna regions gives us direct access to the very high quality products which are the basis of Alixir Personal Care range.
  2. 100% Natural: We know all the secrets of Moroccan terroir. We are also aware of certain fraudulent practices that harm both clients and the reputation of our heritage. At Alixir, we guarantee 100% natural products. Our Argan Oil and Prickly Pear Oil are certified USDA organic. We also use a set of natural oils such as jojoba oil or castor oil along with use essential oils like eucalyptus.These oils are never diluted, adulterated or mixed with other substitutes. Our motto: No Faking, No Hiding. We guarantee top quality and ethic at all levels. Beyond developing our adventure with you, we want to be worthy of your trust. At the same time, we are committed to defending our secular heritage and sharing it with all of you!
  3. Impact on local communities: Our greatest asset is our proximity to local communities. Unlike others, we do not use intermediaries or wholesalers. This allows us to control the origin and quality throughout the entire value chain. This also allows a more equitable and fairer remuneration of the incomes generated by our activities. As a result, local communities have more resources to improve their living conditions and in particular to keep children in school.
  4. No overstock: our product ranges are developed according to customer demand. Our direct access to the local terroir allows us to do so. With Alixir, you are sure to have products that are recently conditioned (less than a month) while others provide products that were packaged and stored over a year ago! So not only do we guarantee natural and authentic products, we also guarantee they’re “Fresh”.
  5. Reduced and adequate packaging: We are more than aware of the importance of preserving the environment. Moreover, without a healthy environment, our activities no longer have a place. We are also concerned about the impact of our activities. This is why we have integrated into our approach a vision of reducing this impact as much as possible. In this sense, we have chosen not to integrate individual cardboard packaging for our various products. We have also opted for a fully reusable, customizable and recyclable delivery package. In addition, we choose product containers suitable for the product itself and its use. For this, we opted for opaque glass containers (recyclable) for all our oils. Opaque glass is also necessary to protect argan oil from light. For our clays and black soaps, we opted for recyclable PET packaging that is suitable for bathrooms and spas. And we won’t stop here! We are continually looking to improve ourselves through adequate and local solutions.

Our adventure is only in its infancy and our ambition is great. We would be happy if you have any suggestions or questions that will help Alixir grow.

Your opinion counts and your expectations are our priority!